You make the call

Here’s your chance to make history! Vote for who you think should’ve won the award in the years from 1977 to 2011, when no Hickok Belt was awarded. Simply select from the choices below for each year. Then check back often to see who you and other voters believe was the best of the best each year.

1986 nominees
Who will you vote for?

  • Made 82 three-point field goals in the 1986 season
  • Led the Celtics to their 16th championship and was named Finals MVP

  • Recorded 20.5 sacks, leading the Giants to a 14-2 record
  • Won the Defensive Player of the year and NFL MVP honors

  • Won the WBC Title after defeating Trevor Berbick
  • Became the youngest heavyweight champion in history

  • Was the first American to win the Tour de France