Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic Temporarily Suspends Hickok Belt® Award 

Rochester, NY – In light of the COVID-19 worldwide crisis pandemic, the Hickok Belt® Award team, in conjunction with the National Sports Media Association (NSMA), have agreed to temporarily awarding of the monthly award for March and April. Since all professional sports have been suspended, the number of candidates for March is too small a sample to consider and there will be no samples to consider at all in April. Due to the extenuating circumstances of COVID-19 the proper decision was made to suspend the monthly award for the present.

The two winners so far this year are Patrick Mahomes, the January winner, and Tyson Fury, for the month of February. They will be joined by other finalists throughout the year based on NSMA voting. Earlier this year the 2019 “overall” winner was announced. Basketball superstar Kawhi Leonard took the top honor for 2019.

For a quarter century, from 1950-1976, the Hickok Belt® Award captivated the worldwide sports community and was the most coveted and individual award in all sports. The Hickok Belt® became known as the “Crown Jewel” of the sports world. Past recipients include some of the greatest athletes of the last century: Muhammad Ali, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Arnold Palmer, Jim Brown, Pete Rose, Joe Namath, Rocky Marciano and so many more sports legends. It is a prestigious, never forgotten piece of sports Americana.

Since the rebirth of the Hickok Belt® Award several years ago, the NSMA have selected monthly winners, and on an annual basis, their voters have selected an “overall” winner as “the best of the best” across all of professional sports. The Hickok Belt® Award comeback has generated much worldwide interest. Our social media pages continue to operate and garner continued interest among sports fans.

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We have all faced many challenges before, however, better days are ahead. When professional sports resumes, we plan to return and achieve even greater heights, with the rest of the world, bigger and better than ever.

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