Meet the Hickok Belt Award® Winners

Past Hickok Belt Award ® winners are truly a select group – a veritable who’s who of sports icons. The award has celebrated the incredible careers of leading figures throughout sports. With names like Ali, Mantle, Brown, Namath, Palmer, Phelps and James it is an impressive list to be sure. To learn more about the amazing athletes behind the award including video highlights of their accomplishments, please enjoy the listings below.


Rocky Marciano (1952)

The son of an Italian immigrant shoemaker, Marciano dropped out of high school after finishing the tenth grade and joined the army where he honed his boxing skills. He began his professional career in 1948 and became the heavyweight champion of the world in 1952. The Brockton, Massachusetts, native held the crown for four years and retired as the only undefeated champion in history, going 49-0 with forty-three knockouts. After retiring from the ring, he spent time working as a boxing referee, commentator and dinner speaker. He was killed in a plane crash on August 31, 1969, at age forty-five.

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